Empowering And Connecting Change Agents And Social Innovators Across Sectors

Our Courses

We organise and design academic programs for universities and business schools. We also offer targeted courses for your organisation and open trainings for all individuals and entrepreneurs interested in developing their innovative skills.

Knowledge Development

We participate in conferences, congresses and events to promote Social Innovation in different sectors of society.

We generate knowlege through our publications and collaborative research in the field of Social innovation and Social Leadership.

Designing Innovation

We design new models and organisational strategies and propose innovative and sustainable solutions to social challenges.


Sharing experiences, news, ressources and examples of social innovation in our Blog


Planet For Change

We believe in the power of bringing together key stakeholders to create a shared vision and strategies for concerted action

We have created Planet for Change, a market place for social innovators and change agents from all sectors.

If you are a social entrepreneur, non-profit organisation, private company, policy maker or a citizen interested in Social Innovation this is the place for you!.


What is Social Innovation?

“Social Innovation is a concept still in construction that includes initatives targeted to finding new ways to satisfy social needs that are not adequately covered by the market or the public sector, or to produce the necessary changes to solve the big social challenges we are currently facing”.

Explore more views and definitions of Social Innovation here.

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