Designing Innovation


We Promote And Facilitate The Implementation Of Organisational Changes

  • We desing new models and organisational strategies and propose innovative and sustainable solutions to social challenges.
  • We work with the best experts from each sector using Innovative methologies adapted to Social Innovation like Design Thinking (IDEO-Standford), Art of Hosting, The U Theory (MIT), Apreciative Inquiry, Open Space, The World Café, etc. See more under: Our methodologies

WHO? Actors We Work With

IRIS works with anybody interested in “being part of the solution”. We work with actors from different sectors including:

  • Individuals (citizens): interested in connecting and collaborating among them or with organizations to find and implement social innovation solutions.
  • Social enterprises: committed to enhancing their organizational capacity, leadership capability and advocacy influence.
  • Socially responsible corporate businesses: seeking to integrate social responsibility and environmental sustainability into their company goals and innovate in the way they deliver solutions.
  • Government agencies and international organisations: committed to managing an effective ongoing relationship and partnerships with the non- government organizations, corporate businesses, social enterprises and the citizens.
  • Non-governmental organizations: seeking to improve their capacity to make the most effective use of their assets.
  • Universities and individual academics: who are interested in directing their teaching, research and consultancy activities to social innovation.
  • Financial sector: interested in solutions that increases access to finance for projects and organizations with social impact (microfinance, impact investment, etc).
  • Supporters, Associations and promoters of Social Innovation: The HUB, Ashoka, Associations of Social entrepreneurs, pre-incubators etc.